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First Apartment Checklist: What You Should Buy Before You Move Think of this as a condensed version of your first apartment checklist: everything listed here is a must-have. Period. Make sure that you’ve checked off all these items before you move—whether purchased, commandeered from your parent’s basement, or found for cheap at your local thrift store. Then, keep everything on…

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Introduction If you’re moving, chances are that you’re going to need some boxes. But did you know that there are many places where you can find free boxes? Here are our top tips: Check with local stores Ask your local grocery store and other retailers If you have a favorite grocer or pharmacy, don’t be afraid to ask if they…

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Moving houseplants: get useful info

How to Move Houseplants to Your New Home These 5 tips will help ensure that your houseplants arrive at their new house in tiptop shape Related To: 1.If you’re moving across town, simply pack your plants in open boxes. Be sure to cushion the sides of the pots with newspaper. Then put the plants in the car and head to your…

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10 Tips In How To Prepare Your Stuff For Storage Utilizing self-storage, both short and long term, is an excellent way to keep belongings safe during a transition or to simply create more space in your home. Figuring out how to choose a storage unit, what items you’ll be able to store, and how you’ll keep those items safe are…

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11 Tips to Pack and Move Electronics A Step-By-Step Guide to Safely Pack Your Electronics for a Move Owning a flat-screen tv, multiple gaming consoles, elaborate sound systems, or even multiple computers is fairly standard today. While a lot of these devices are common features in most homes, many people struggle with how to properly handle them during a move. Knowing…

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11 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move Sometimes moving is inevitable. It might be a new job, family emergency, or wanderlust that sends you packing up boxes and stuffing them into a U-Haul. No matter what, moving is an often tedious process you want to complete as quickly and painlessly as possible. While you’re scrambling to collect your things and check all…

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